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Liberty Awaits Compact Disc (CD)

Liberty Awaits Compact Disc (CD)

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Liberty Awaits is the 2nd Studio Album from The Trouble Notes. Recorded in the TRACK Konservatorium while on residency in Kortrijk, Belgium, the sophomore album from The Trouble Notes is an exploration of world folk styles and an attempt to further explore the complex nuances of the rich cultural fabric of our world. As a central theme, the band drew influence from different stories of cross-cultural integration due to current and historical migration of people across land and sea. The album is a vast expansion of the band’s repertoire, an introduction of new instruments and melodic voices on top of a stable foundation for which the band has become internationally known over nearly a decade.

Our first Album Lose Your Ties peaked in the top 5 of the digital charts in 10 different countries, and it is our hope that we can surpass those numbers with our second release! As an independent group, this is no small feat and in order to achieve this goal we will need all of the help we can get! By pre-ordering the album, you are directly supporting the production and distribution of Liberty Awaits and bringing us one step closer to our goal of reaching the widest possible audience with our music!

Liberty Awaits is self-produced by Bennet Cerven in the TRACK Opnamenstudio in Kortrijk, Belgium. The album is mixed by Bennet and Florian Eisenschmidt and mastered by Piet Charlet with Timetools Mastering GmbH in Hannover, Germany. The album features guest performances by French pianist Freddy Dubois, Ecuadorian vocalist La Zerega, and Belgian bassist Olivier Van Bettsbrugge. The album artwork was painted by Chilean artist Monica Celsi. We would like to thank the city of Kortrijk for their support of the project. A special thank you to the Magnolia Collective for their creative influence and inspiration throughout the project.


released May 19, 2023

"Liberty Awaits"
Songs written by Bennet Cerven & Florian Eisenschmidt
Produced by Bennet Cerven
Recorded at Muziekcentrum Track in Kortrijk, Belgium
Mixed by Bennet Cerven & Florian Eisenschmidt
Mastered by Piet Charlet of Timetools Mastering GmbH
Original Artwork by Monica Celsi

Performing on the album are:

The Trouble Notes:
Bennet Cerven - Violin, Vocals, Bass, Piano
Florian Eisenschmidt - Guitars, Banjo
Oliver Maguire - Percussion, Handpan

Guest Performances by:
Freddy Dubois - Piano
Carola Zerega - Vocals, Percussion
Olivier Van Bettsbrugge - Bass

Special Thanks to our Patreon Community for supporting the production.
Our Producer Team is:
Nancy Derusha
Livia Petkova
Faiza Barakat
Dara Jones
Kathleen O'Dea
Linda & Victor van Gessel
Debbie Santee
Barbara & Eric Meyer
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