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Super Bloom Compact Disc (CD)

Super Bloom Compact Disc (CD)

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Like a real Super Bloom, this EP for us was a delightful surprise. It began in the Spring 2019, when we departed for the USA to begin a two month tour of the west coast. It was the first time in our lives that we would make the trek across the American west. From the moment we left there was a creative spirit in the air. We would imagine different soundtracks for the landscapes we saw: desert, mountains, flower covered valleys, swamps, and sprawling metropolises. While at first only musings, the idea to create this EP came when we viewed the rainbow poppy fields during the Super Bloom in the valleys of the Sequoia National Forest. Overcome with an uplifting spirit of happiness, we knew we would create a series of recordings documenting our experience in the west. This EP is dedicated to all of the friends and fans who came to the shows, who hosted us, who were our guides and shared their love and compassion with us during those two months. We will cherish that first western experience forever.
Track List: 
1. Super Bloom 03:56
2. SOLA 05:29
3. Red Rocks 04:09
4. Section 6 04:22
5. Bayou Blues 03:33


released June 7, 2019

Self Recorded from the road
Self Mixed from the road
Mastered by Time Tools Studios

Bennet Cerven - Violin
Florian Eisenschmidt - Guitar
Oliver Maguire - Percussion


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